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It was about this time last year when I first started hearing about the possibility of an online Elder Scrolls MMORPG, and now the time is upon us. Bethesda is now accepting ‘applicants’ for The Elder Scrolls Online beta version, the actual release date of which is still unknown.

TES fans seem to highly anticipate the release of this game, while others seem skeptical, due to its single player RPG style in past games. But I think we can all agree on one thing, we are very curious to see what Bethesda has been up to in the land of Tamriel.

Skeptics are unsure as to why Bethesda would take a game series as popular as TES and stray down the MMO path. But this gives players who may have never experienced MMO’s an excuse to give it a try, by expanding a world they are already familiar with, developers state.

Some fans are afraid of it becoming a poorly done WOW knock off. Developers for TESO are trying to ensure that creating an environment that is distinctly “Elder Scrolls” is top priority.

The foundation for the storyline is essentially a war between three alliances, the Daggerfall Covenant consisting of the Redguards, Orcs and Bretons, the Aldmeri Dominion consisting of  the Altmer, Khajiit and Bosmer  and the Ebonheart Pact consisting of the Argonians, Dunmer and Nords, for control and reign over the White-Gold Tower in Cyrodiil. Each faction will be playable to some degree, and other confirmed factions include the Fighters Guild, the Dark Brotherhood, the Mages Guild and the Thieves guild (EEK! some of my favorites!). In the meantime Daedric prince Molag Bal takes advantage of this time of political instability and is attempting to pull all of Tamriel into his realm of Coldharbour. Sounds like a promising story, no?

Check out the the brand new cinematic trailer released by ZeniMax.

Here is just a small sample of confirmed features we can expect to see in TESO: PVP, fast traveling as well as some degree of time travel, the ability to have a pet and a five class system; Dragonknight, Templar, Sorcerer, Warden and Nightblade. And again, I iterate that that is just a small listing of confirmed features.

For more of an inside look check out the developers video below.

Are you excited yet? If you are interested at all I urge you to go to the following link and apply for beta as soon as possible. I bet Bethesda’s inbox is bursting with them.
Will you guys be signing up for The Elder Scrolls Online beta? Are you excited for the online experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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