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Just yesterday Nintendo announced that we can expect an HD version of one of our most loved Zelda games, Wind Waker, fairly soon. Nintendo software development director Eiji Aonuma states that this project is intended to tide us Zelda fans over until we hear some news about the new Zelda game they are currently developing for the Wii U. Watch the following video for more information:

Many fans are very interested in this release, and whether or not it was prompted by the video created by a team of “industry veterans” back in June  of 2012. This (amazing!) video showcases what Majora’s Mask could have looked like if done in HD for the Wii U. The video was all abuzz for a few weeks and rumors had it that it was actually leaked from Nintendo. Once it was verified that it was done by a private party, petitions started showing up around the web trying to convince Nintendo that this was a feat worthy of their time. Here is that trailer in case you have yet to see it:

The implication that Nintendo may be listening to our demands is very exciting to Nintendo fans all over. The current rumors are that since Ocarina of Time was released for Nintendo DS, if Majora’s Mask were to be made it would follow suit and be released for the Nintendo 3DS. Although not confirmed, this is a very exciting possibility for devoted Zelda fans!

We can expect to see Wind Waker for Wii U sometime this fall, and news on the upcoming Zelda game for the Wii U shortly. Zelda fans may also be interested in the special edition of Hyrule Historia, a collection of Zelda artwork, information and a highly anticipated and sought after Timeline. This book is released Tuesday January 29, 2013. Preorder it today!

Are you guys looking forward to playing the Wind Waker remake in HD on the Wii U? Are you disappointed in Nintendo’s decision to redo Wind Waker before Majora’s Mask, or any other Zelda title? Are you excited Nintendo may be listening to our demands? Comment below to tell us your thoughts!

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